Sugar Rush B


100% Cotton Tana Lawn

Approximately 137cm in width

In stock


Sherbets, jelly beans and liquorice all dance before your eyes, in the Sugar Rush print from Liberty Fabrics. Printed in a mixture of syrupy pastel and acidic shades, it is sweet with a slightly acidic bite.


The Garden of Temptation collection offers a visual feast of rich, symbolic imagery. Inspired by the works of Hieronymus Bosch, it captures a hidden fairy-tale world of thick foliage and luscious fruits, presented with a delectably twisted sense of humour.
The colour palette is hallucinatory and opulent, with creeping tropical fronds and acidic paisleys sitting alongside blushing, light-toned hedgerow flora and fauna. Dive into an aesthetic, allegorical otherworld of arcane temptations and decadent decay.

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