Aurifil Thread 12wt – 4665 Graphite


100% Cotton Mako’ 50wt x 50m Spool

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Aurifil Cotton Mako’ thread is made using the best long staple Egyptian cotton making it strong, smooth and relatively fuzz free and is recommended for any purpose where a reliable, high quality 100% cotton thread is desired.

12wt is the heaviest weight Aurifil offer making it our preferred thread for hand quilting our quilts.

12 Wt Thread uses:
12wt is perfect for hand applique, hand embroidery, hand quilting, cross stitch, embellishment, handmade lace, machine applique, blanket stitch, machine embroidery (especially for designs that use a longer stitch length), machine art quilting, Sashiko, redwork, lower looper serging, and longarm quilting.

– When using 12wt thread by machine, Aurifil recommend using a much thinner thread in the bobbin, like a 40wt.
– When using in a Longarm machine, quilt slowly, using a longer stitch and silicone conditioner where necessary.


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